Non-Markovian dynamics of single- and two-qubit systems interacting with Gaussian and non-Gaussian fluctuating transverse environments


© 2016 AIP Publishing LLC.We address the interaction of single- and two-qubit systems with an external transverse fluctuating field and analyze in detail the dynamical decoherence induced by Gaussian noise and random telegraph noise (RTN). Upon exploiting the exact RTN solution of the time-dependent von Neumann equation, we analyze in detail the behavior of quantum correlations and prove the non-Markovianity of the dynamical map in the full parameter range, i.e., for either fast or slow noise. The dynamics induced by Gaussian noise is studied numerically and compared to the RTN solution, showing the existence of (state dependent) regions of the parameter space where the two noises lead to very similar dynamics. We show that the effects of RTN noise and of Gaussian noise are different, i.e., the spectrum alone is not enough to summarize the noise effects, but the dynamics under the effect of one kind of noise may be simulated with high fidelity by the other one.

J. Chem. Phys.